On November 28th, Arts and Sports held up a sports day for international students of FEB UI. the sports day was located in Walking Drums (Kebayoran). The event started exactly at 18:00 PM and ended in 20:00. Many students came to play and show their skills in sports, especially basket and futsal.

The goal of this event is to relieve the stress of the students after the midterm exam and so that students who loves to play sports can be more close and know each other. In the beginning of the event, most of us play basketball and some just watch the game from outside the field. Nearly up until 50 students came to play. To make it more stable, we’ve decided to play futsal too. We made 3 teams available, and start playing immediately. We had so much fun there. After playing one hour nonstop, we decided to have a break. When we were about to play again, sadly the rain had to stop us.

The event runs accordingly to the plan. It was an unforgettable moments, the players had so much fun. This event is the beginning and surely wont be the last. This is a brand new start for Art and Sport division for EIS 2018/2019. There are al ot more to come from Arts and Sport division. Hopefully this event reaches its goals and brings people together.

Written by Badr Ali Badjrai, staff of Arts and Sports

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