Written by Rininta (Staff of Research and Information)

On September 28th, the first plenary with the new Economic International Society (EIS) members have been held. The plenary started at 16.30 PM at the Auditorium of International Program Building. A total of 27 students of the international program have been chosen to be the new staffs of each division in EIS. The divisions in EIS are Human Resource Development, Student Development, Arts & Sports, Finance, Research & Information, Project, Marketing Communications and Public Networking.

In the beginning of the plenary, the new staffs were greeted by the President of EIS, Fathan Amartya. He congratulated and welcomed the new staffs with a warm heart. The whole EIS members, including each and every divisions introduced themselves and explained their work programs. Next, each divisions revealed their new staffs, presenting some funny and old photos of them which brings laughter to the plenary. Taking pictures were necessary to capture the unforgettable moment. Therefore, the members took a big family picture of all the members of Economic International Society. After that, each division had a meeting with their members and had a bonding time.

The plenary went as planned and it was such an enjoyable moment! All of the members had a good time getting to know each other. The plenary was the sign of a brand new start of working with a loving family, fun activities and many extraordinary experiences to come. Hopefully after the plenary, the whole EIS members could develop and achieve the Economic International Society goals.

Once again, welcome to the family, EIS New Staff of 2018/2019!

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