On the night of November 4th, members of Economics International Society FEB UI joined in on a once-in-a-year event of EIS Halloween Gathering, courtesy of the Human Resource and Development (HRD) staffs of EIS. The event started at 5 pm and took place in Kaffeine Kline, Jakarta.

First and foremost, Fathan and the HRD members gave their opening remarks ahead of the event and their hopes on how this event would bond the members of EIS even more, followed by a fashion show presented by all staffs of each division. There were a variety of costumes being worn that night, where one was dressed as a boxer, another was dressed as a security and many more, including the vampire costume, my own personal favorite. In the end of the fashion show we also threw a surprise party for Hana, our friend from Public Networking division, as it was also her birthday on that very day! Soon after the fashion show, we continued to hangout and talk about a lot of things with each other and basically just bond with each other, while also taking some of our time to take pictures together on our epic photobooth.

It was really cloudy throughout the night, but despite of our concerns, the event went very well according to plan as it did not rain. The environment, the food and everything else was wonderful. As a part of HRD division myself, I would like to thank everyone who came and for those who weren’t able to come do not worry, EIS Grand Team Building still await you!

See you on the next event!

Written by Lestassya Zahradiin, staff of Human Resource Development

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