Team building, Presidential Campaign,

EIS Evaluation

HRD division is responsible for the development of EIS' members talents and capabilities as well as sustaining collaboration within different divisions.

Team building, Presidential Campaign,

EIS Evaluation

Provides support for FEB UI IUP students' academic matters and is in charge of uniting all IUP members. We also build relationship with the IUP secretary in order to gain approval for upcoming events.

IUP Orientation, IUP Gathering, EIS Tutoring, Past Papers

in charge of establishing communication and cooperation between EIS and stakeholders by running our projects.

Charity Flea Market, Company Visit, Yearbook, Alumni Sharing, Train to the Moon

in charge of providing information for all EIS divisions that are sourced from student aspirations or other related information and also conduct studies with primary and secondary sources needed by KKI FEB UI

Research and Article, Ask Your Seniors, Article Writing Competition, Suggestions Box.

responsible for external EIS projects, our job is to control and make sure the actualization of the programs.

A night to remember (ANTR), Giving back to society (GBS), Edunation

Responsible in forming brand image of EIS & finding markets for programs by EIS. Also responsible in raising the brand awareness of EIS.

Creative Industry, Thrift, Creative Studio, Face of EIS

Finance division is in charge with raising funds for EIS through selling.

Merchandise selling, Book selling, EIS identity, Street Selling

in charge of strengthening the bond among KKI students through various activities that involves arts and sports.

Netflix and Chill, Sparts Hub & Sports Day.